Quinoa Pork bowl

I love this easy dinner option.  This was a very tasty version of a very basic staple in my menu rotation…the protein-grain-veggie bowl.  The variations are endless.  The seasoning can go from spicy asian to Mexican to Italian, or as in this case a sort of classic American-fare.  Also this is sometimes referred to as … Continue reading Quinoa Pork bowl

Red Cabbage Slaw

Slaw comes in so many forms.  I like all kinds of varieties. Red, Green, a mixture of both, with napa cabbage with broccoli…the list goes on. This version is a basic vinegar slaw with a bit of creaminess from yogurt.  Did you hear that Mayo-haters?  A slightly creamy slaw sans mayo. A great side for … Continue reading Red Cabbage Slaw

TWM Plus

Extra long This Week Menu today. I combined this week and last week’s menu since we head out of town tomorrow. I have another short week this week because Baltimore (Clipper City Crossfit Crew – had to find some sort of alliteration to complete the CCC group name) Greek Vacation starts tomorrow.  I can not wait to … Continue reading TWM Plus